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In our group there is Becky Wholley and Hannah Ferreira. Our media coursework is a two minute opening to a horror film, our production is called Sleep Tight.
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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Deconstruction of Treak or Treat, 1986

Director: Charles Martin Smith
Box Office Takings:
US – $2,912,687

It opens with a black screen with white serif font, non diegtic music is played, creating a ringing effect. And a voice over begins in a sinister tone, but with a story telling style.
The title 'Trick or Treat' appears on the screen, mixture of orange, yellow, blue, red and yellow which ultimatley creates a 3D gothic image. A ripple effect runs over the title before it fades out. This denotes something supernatural might take place in this film.
The voice over continues to get more agressive and louder as the music builds up.

The first visual shot is a low angle shot of a rockstar, and rock music begins. The image of the rockstar zooms out and pans down to pan around a teenage boys room. The font now seen is white to stand out against the dark room.

Props seen are such as, 'ROCK ON' books, Rockstar calenda, baseball cap and other such things. This informs the audience of a stereotypical teenage rock music loving boy. This emphasized to us how important the props are to a scene to signify the the main character involved and their personailty. This is a key aspect we had to consider in our coursework, as the room shown is a young girl, we had to involve teddies, games, fairytale books and a girly atmosphere, in contrast this film creates a dark stereotypical teenage boy image.

As the camera pans the room it ends on the bed where the music begins to fade out as we see a boy lying on the bed. If we had the equipment to get a smooth pan of the girls room, we would have considered using this technique however to attempt this we wouldn't create as smooth pan and the shot would be a waste of our given 2 minutes.

 Story Line: Hard rock idol Sammi Curr burns to death in a hotel fire. His biggest fan, Lakeridge High School student and resident metal head Eddie Weinbauer is devastated by the news and turns to local radio DJ "Nuke" for emotional support. After a heated discussion about the deceased rock star, Nuke presents Eddie with a rare demo record, the last ever recorded by Sammi and the only copy in existence. Overwhelmed by Nuke's generosity, Eddie accepts the gift without hesitation, unaware of it's dark role in things to come. After constant humiliation and a near drowning at the hands of school bully Tim Hainy and his sports jock friends, Eddie becomes enraged and vows revenge on all those who have wronged him, much to the dismay of love interest, Leslie and best friend, Roger.



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  1. Nice post! Good to see you're making clear how this impacts on your own production ideas. Think about setting out those points in a different font/colour/use quote tool to indent etc. Also, maybe make the film title a link to IMDB entry rather than pasting in the link as text? A still from the film would be good to demonstrate your main point about m-en-scene!


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