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In our group there is Becky Wholley and Hannah Ferreira. Our media coursework is a two minute opening to a horror film, our production is called Sleep Tight.
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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Welcome to my blog...

I hope you enjoy my blog, you will find that my partner and I have very similar blogs, this is due to the reason that we felt we wanted to work on the coursework completly together. We felt we could acheive more by doing so, as we would have two different perspectives on all the key aspects of the coursework.
Thank you for taking your time to read this blog!

Monday, 21 March 2011

The Final Piece

Make sure you click the non annotate button - speech bubble - to watch the full clean version.

Question 1 - In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

To answer this task we created a vodcast in which we discuss our film in certain aspects such as...
  • idents
  • Titles
  • Fonts
  • Opening shot
  • Shot types + varitation
  • Continuity editing
  • Focus on main character
  • Mise-en-scene + versimilitude
  • Sound and music
  • Representations
  • Genre and its key conventions
  • How characters are introduced
  • Challenges and Limitations
And finally relate these factors to real media products.....

Unfortunately we both suffer from talking too much...thus this vodcast is a tad long, but all the points are there and we covered all the important aspects of our media....

And part 2 to this exciting vodcast....

Vodcast Evaluation Qu 1 - Part 2 from Becky Wholley on Vimeo.

Question 2 - How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Question 2

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Question 3 - What kind of media insitution might distribute your media product and why?

We answered this through a podcast - however we didn't have access to the voice recorder at the time and access to it was becoming difficult so we created a podcast under vodcast software except we covered the screen to create that same podcast example.

Question 4 - Who would be the audience for your media product?

These are two example of our target audience
Id Card - Sammy Otick

Id Card - Barry Opposition
We approached two different age groups to answer this question.....

We showed them these images to see their response to the genre...
Evaluation question 4. Film quiz questions

This was Toby's response....

'That's the shower scene from Psycho and the masked character is in Scream'

This was Jenny's Response....

 ' I don't recognise any of those images, I think I might have seen the masked one in a fancy dress shop before but I don't know its revelance...'

We then showed them the opening to our film and this is their feedback....

As you can seeThe main target audience for horror is teenagers and 'twenty somethings'. Age 15-24. We would give 'Sleep Tight' a BBFC rating of 15. The BBFC guidelines for a 15 rated movie are as followed,

Films under this category can contain adult themes, hard drugs, strong words, moderate-strong violence/sex references, and mild non-detailed sex activity.

We chose '15' as a rating as there are flashing graphic images of an attacked girl. Her face looks bruised and there is much blood coming from her stomach and chest area. It is typical representation of a 'wet death'. The girl is in a bath with a white vest top and jeans whereas before she was wearing a blue turtle neck jumper and and a denim shirt. The change of clothing is ambiguous. A possible interpretation is that the killer stripped her of some layers in attempted sexual assault. This is another reason for why we chose 15 as a suitable rating. 
Our secondary audience is 24-45 as there are many middle aged people who enjoy films relating to horror. 
The rating is 15; nevertheless, many interpret this as a guideline and permit their children to watch highly rated films with their supervision. With this in mind, 'tweens' are included in our target audience. They would be able to relate to being babysat and being in a secondary school environment. Pre-teens are definitely a consumer market with teen flicks as they use the characters as role models.

In 'Sleep tight' there are nationally diverse actors and actresses. The protagonist in our film opening has a naturally North American accent due to her having migrated to Britain. This contrasts to the accents of the child 'Rachel' and the teenage actors as they have standard English accents which could be interpreted as southern English. Their dialect is similar to those typically portrayed in Hollywood films with an English accent, rather than a strong, localized accent. The easily recognizable English accents and the North American accent would help not only tap into a UK-wide audience but an international audience.

In our film we do portray the default hetrosexual relationship; however, this is not dwelt on as there is only a small snipet of the teenage actors holding hands. 

The target gender audience for our film is female. The protagonist female. If we were to create the entire film, the story would continue to show the little girl grow up and be followed by her stalker who is trying to kill her. She would fulfill the role of the Final Girl and not be killed. This would draw in a female audience as there is a girl portrayed as tough, strong and resourceful. There are attractive young women in our film which would appeal to the male audience. It could be argued that the bath photos of the attacked babysitter could provide material for the voyeuristic male gaze (Laura Mulvey's feminist theory). 
We have not included any Scream Queen archetypes such as flaunting flesh and exaggerating beauty by making them wear lots of make-up. This is because the Scream Queen is portrayed as the Final Girl. .

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Question 5 - How did you attract/address your audience?

To show you how we did this, we have created a annotated version of our final piece to show what we did within our opening two minutes that we felt would acheive this task....