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In our group there is Becky Wholley and Hannah Ferreira. Our media coursework is a two minute opening to a horror film, our production is called Sleep Tight.
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Monday, 17 January 2011

Company Names and 'Ident' Ideas

Me and Hannah have discussed possible options for our company name and 'ident'.
At the moment we have decided upon
Producer - Banana Productions.
Due to mixing our names together to produce that.
We considered perhaps having a shot clip or picture of us with banana's over our mouths. However we have yet to finailse this idea as it is quite contrasting to the genre we are attempting at potraying.
Famous examples are...

We researched Banana Productions are discovered that none went by the exact name as ours, there are many similar but they all involve more names in their title, for example there is Banana Split Productions and Blue Banana Productions. So our chosen name is valid to use.

Our Distributor: Tribal Entertainment.
This being a personal reference to our filming. When the babysitter is downstairs and begins to hear noises, upstairs you infact hear something similar to tribal drums, but from downstairs it sounds as if someone is just moving around upstairs. We liked this idea of the name as it was a personal choice and is quite a catchy name, not complicated or hard to remember.
We have yet to discuss what image we would use for this.
Famous exmaple is...

We researched the name Tribal Entertainment and have found similar names but none the exact same as ours. There is Tribal Council Entertainment and others such as Tribalfilm Entertainment which are both Production companies whereas ours is a distributor. So none go by the name of our chosen idea.


We have discussed our Company names and decided to adapt Banana Productions to Banana Drama Productions. As we feel it relates more to the thriller aspect of our film, and it also rhymes so the name is more rememberable and we feel we can adapt the ident to suit the thriller idea. We have discussed now having a short clip of a banana being massacred with Banana Drama Production on screen but we have yet to finalize any draft clips of this idea.

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