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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Ten Top Tips For A Micro-Drama

Ten tips i recommend for a micro-drama are...
- Create plenty of time to prepare a story board and filming of the micro drama.
- Spend more time on editing noise of the production to avoid background noise effecting the film.
- Create a call sheet and use it when filming.
- Learn how to use a camera, and how to use a range of angles, shots and movements.
- Try use a range of mise-en-scene to create more realism to the micro-drama.
- Consider what the micro-drama entails and whether you should consider using a range of settings to give variation.
- Consider taking a range of shots during one scene to create a shot verse shot effect, and a range of angles of characters to show the range of emotion.
- Make sure the scenery fits in with the scene, for example the time of the day fits in with the micro-drama.
- That there is no noticeable difference between the shot and the previous shot, i.e. one shot hair up, next shot hair down...
- When editing film run through the whole film to check that no noise or dialogue has been missed through the micro drama or that the music fades out not stopping abruptly.

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