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Friday, 5 November 2010

Deconstruction Another Groups Micro-Drama

Deconstructing another groups Micro-Drama - The Magical Apple by Sam B and Alex M

Aspects of narrative
They have applied a number of Propps 8 recurring character types in their film. Some of the characters can engage in acts as more than one role. They have included; a magical person/hero, a prize/ victim, a magical object (the apple), villain and a magical helper. The film also follows Todorov's 5-part narrative formula.
1. A state of equilibrium at the outset - Sam reading a book
2. A disruption of the equilibrium by some action - Sam gets beaten up by Alex
3. A recognition that there has been a disruption - Rob finds him and eats the magical apple
4. An attempt to repair the disruption - Rob goes after villain and victim
5. A reinstatement of the equilibrium - Rob beats Alex ( villain) and saves Sam P (victim)
In the film they use the aspect of binary opposites created by Levi-Strauss, they use the basic evil and good through the hero and villain. No narrative enigma is used in this production.

Objects/Props: Magical apple
Location: England
Setting: They use park bench, tunnel building
Costume: The use of putting a hood up on a jacket of the hero to symbolise a change in character after consuming the magical apple. Its also used to show the villain as evil and mysterious. The characters wear average clothing to blend in, to go un-noticed in the otherwise undisturbed setting.

Target audience is for teenagers, mainly concentrating on males, who have had a middle or lower social class upbringing but its not excluding other audiences. Regional identity is not an issue in the film.

There is intense music used in the introduction which continues in following scenes, sound effects have been added during the editing using footsteps, birds and rainforest effect to increase versimilutude. When the character eats the apple all music stops which emphasizes. Very little dialogue has been included and  a lightening noise has also been added. Whilst the chase is going on, the music gets louder and the tempo increases, following the action. Romantic music is used for comical effect once the victim has been saved, between the hero and the victim.

The evil villain is dressed in black with the hood pulled up hiding the face making it more mysterious. Males have been used for the villain being fairly aggressive and normally a blonde female is used as the victim/princess but here Sam was a blonde male.

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