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Thursday, 18 November 2010

My 5 Fave Films

My favourite 5 films are...

Director: Edgar Wright
Budget: $ 16,000,000
US Box Takings: $21,682
UK Box Takings: £107,454

I like this film because not only do i find the story amusing but I feel the characters fit the parts to perfection and enjoy its light hearted stereotypical view of small town people.

Director: Mark Waters
Budget: $17,000,000
US Box Takings: $86,049,418
UK Box Takings: £5,411,323

I enjoy the film Mean Girls because its exaggerated stereotypical story of American High school and 'plastic girls' is a typical teenage girl film aimed for my enjoyment. 

Director: Nick Cassavetes
Budget: $27,500,00
US Box Takings: $49,185,998
UK Box Takings: £6,043,360

My Sister's Keeper has to be the film which has had the biggest impact on me, the realism of the tale of one girl's life fighting cancer touches all ages and really made me appreciate my life, for a film to portray such an emotion on someone it is beyond brilliant.

Director: Richard Curtis
Budget: £30,000,000
US Box Takings: $59,365,105
UK Box Takings: £36,238,777

The  classic christmas film that I always watch every christmas fills me with joy and laughter of the coming season, the way the film intertwines so many people's life's is very clever.

Director: Lee Unkrich
Budget: $200,000,000
US Box Takings: $411,412,427
UK Box Takings: £72,411,225

The way the 3 films have followed a young boys life and his toys means a lot to my age, as at the time the first film came out we were of a similar age to him, so the 3 films have moved with his life as ours does, the way in which the film can entertain teenagers is impressive.

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