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Sunday, 13 February 2011

HF - Using Live Type

To produce our company idents, we have been taught how to use an application called LiveType. This was the first time we've used it.

For our Distributor 'Tribal Entertainment' we created the entire ident using LiveType.
We chose the background from a vast choice of moving images. We chose a rusty brown colour with different shades of brown and red resembling the ground in a jungle lit by a fire.
For the font we used bold red, serif and capital letters. We adjusted the tracking to make the words fit closely together and  we included shadows onto the background from the font. The overall effect we wanted was dark but the effect that it was lit by a fire, reference to 'Tribal'.

For our Producer ident 'Banana Drama', we took video footage of a banana with a drawn on face being peeled or 'killed'. As it was peeled, ketchup representing blood was shown oozing from inside the skin.  To finish it off, the banana was karate chopped.
First we edited the clip on imovie and used an old film effect which created a grainy antique effect. We uploaded this and placed it as a movie background on LiveType and adjusted the timing to speed it up. We edited the name 'Banana Drama' in capital letters onto it using a live font called 'string' which the letters looked as if they were made of string and individually wobbled.

'Banana', as we posted before, came from both of our names joined together. We opted for Drama and the gore related aspect with the banana due to our film being in the slasher genre. We wanted a balance of comical value and also a horror twist.

We are still in the process of finalizing our company idents as we are still to upload a sountrack to it. For 'Banana Drama' we will record the sound of someone screaming and to make it sound more animated and comical, we will speed it up so the sound resembles a chipmunk.

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